CBD for Emotional Pain, Depression, Anxiety, & Sleep Insomnia

Relax & Melt Away Tension 

Its hard to relax after a long day. Thinking about tomorrow's to-do list. RE-thinking those questionable decisions made today. Our CBD is Mother Nature's solution to a restful nights sleep. Your dosage will depend on the type of ailment you are trying to relieve, anxiety or sleep insomnia.

For pain, depression, and or anxiety, we reccommend taking 5mg-30mg to unwind and relax into evening with an after-dinner yummy gummy.

For sleep insomnia, our Hemp Oil, with NO CBD, helps with mild sleep issues. Need a stronger impact? go for the Isolate and Broad Spectrum Oils. Still can't sleep? Our 50mg with Melatonin gummies are guaranteed to knock you into a deep slumber. That guarantee comes with your money back, we'll even send the return label. 




PROS: Other active compounds work with CBD to boost the overall effects while providing additional benefits. 

CONS: Depending on the amount used, THC may show up on a drug test, thought this depends on many factors, including dosage, frequency, metabolism, etc. 



PROS: Won't show up on a drug test. Usually cheaper cost. 

CONS: Might not offer the same kind of therapeutic benefits as Broad Spectrum. Missing the other cannabinoids for the 'entourage' effect. 




PROS: Legal in the US, can offer numerous beneficial cannabinoids and has <3% THC. Can be offered in Broad Spectrum or Isolate. 

Our hemp is 100% grown in the USA. From Colorado & Oregon, our Hemp is delivered and processed in a FDA registered facility.