Mushroom Complex Mental Focus & Concentration

The right dosage of Mushroom Blend improves mental focus so you can concentrate on the task at hand!

Work. Social Injustice. Did I feed the kids? the dog? This life is what you make it. Set yourself up for success with a little focus and concentration. With a million things on your to-do list, this supplement helps you focus on important tasks through all the noise. Checking off those items one by one. 

  •  Scientific research shows supplements helps with symptoms of ADHD from the increased amounts of serotonin in the brain, much like anti-depressants. 
  • Use 1-2 servings of our Gummies to put you in a place of 'CLARITY', letting you focus on the task at hand.
  • SUGAR FREE: Don't want the sugar? Try our SoftGel Capsules that are the same strength as the gummies, but contain no sugar and can be quickly swallowed. 

Written By: Emily Spring

  Mushrooms like the Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Turkey Tail are currently gaining serious attention, and for a good reason. These mushrooms have been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, indigenous medicine, and global cultures’ healing practices for thousands of years. In Ancient Greece, mushrooms were used for their anti-inflammatory properties. First Nations people used mushrooms to heal wounds. Today, Western research is catching up, confirming the specific chemical pathways that create mushrooms’ beneficial effects.