CBD for Skin


Remember the days when we weren't afraid of anything? No sunblock. Just tanning under the hot sun. No fear. Cheers to living Life to the fullest!

At Hemptotally, we want you to keep living that way, but with pain relief when you get hurt. Use our CBD balm to patch things up when life gets a little messy.  CBD's anti-bacterial properties helps with cuts, scrapes, and whatever else is pestering your skin like acne & minor bacterial infections.

For those carefree spontaneous moments, make sure you bring the sunblock & CBD balm




Used for Targeted Pain Relief. Our balm leaves an oily layer on the skin to diffuse CBD on top of the skin for a longer period of time. To be used the skin to relieve minor ailments.

    • burns
    • inflammation
    • eczema
    • tension headaches
    • muscle soreness


Lighter and absorbs more quickly, better for fast acting relief to muscles, joints & inflammation

The cream does require more frequent re-application and comes in lower doses.