Terms of Sale

 While we at Hemptotally care deeply about your health and aim to give you options which may support you, we make no claim that any of our products will help, heal or should be used for any specific condition. We are not physicians and do not give medical advice. For such advice, contact your health care provider. 

If you ever have a problem with your order, please contact us directly - we pride ourselves on our customer service and will do our best to help you. We do not accept returns and do not refund any purchases except in the case of damage from shipping.

​While we do accept international orders and will ship, we can not guarantee the delivery or refund packages that are stopped by customs. Most packages make it through however as this product is indeed legal in many countries.

Purchase and use of this product is at your own discretion and your own responsibility. When purchasing, you agree to hold harmless Hemptotally and its parent company in the event of any adverse effects or consequences arising from consumption and use. Long term benefits and consequences of use are not yet established and the user assumes responsibility for this personal decision.