Black Basalt Massage Stone

Black Basalt Massage Stone

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  This beautifully designed stone brings comfort and help ease any knots or pain in those hard to reach places, like your fascia (the tissue between the skin and muscles). The crescent shape is easy to hold, this versatile design suits all your needs:
  • Pointed side: Deep tissue massage for the back and joint areas
  • Rounded side: General massage
  • Long side: Used in a scraping motion
 Our Black Basalt Massage Stone is specifically designed to be Weighted at ½ lb, and is effective with minimal pressure or force. The Black Basalt material can be heated or cooled, by placing in hot water or the freezer. The Lava Rock material allows the stone to maintains the temperature. For maximum relief, use our massage stone with the Pain Relief Balm/Salve. 

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